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Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament

Your last Will and Testament will provide for your chosen beneficiaries to receive your assets upon your death. Your last Will and Testament must be probated through the court system.

Revocable Trust

A Revocable Trust allows your assets to avoid the probate process while you retain full power and control over your assets. The Revocable Trust can be modified at any time during your life as situations change. However, your Revocable Trust will not protect your assets against creditors, business failures, bankruptcies, or nursing home and long-term care costs.

Irrevocable Trusts / Medicaid Asset Protection Planning

Corporate Law

Entity Formation

How you structure your business entity will determine how it operates, the way in which it (and you) are taxed, and whether your personal assets become subject to the liabilities of the entity.

Operating / Shareholder / Partnership Agreement

This Agreement will govern all aspects of your business: from determining who has the power to enter into contracts, to confidentiality agreements and restrictions on competition of the business partners, to permitted transferees and rights of first purchase, to how to deal with disagreements and exit strategies for a business partner.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Real Estate Law

Buying or Selling your Home

Looking to purchase your first home? Expanding or downsizing? We can guide you through the process from the offer to purchase, through reviewing title and survey, to a satisfactory closing.

Income Generating Real Estate

We will guide you through every stage of owning income generating property, from determining how ownership should be structured, to the purchase and sale agreement and due diligence, through the closing and drafting of leases for new tenants, or amendments to existing leases, as well as subdivision issues and/or drafting of easement and operating agreements to govern the property.

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